Sing Fly Love

I am batshit. Certified, in fact. I’m diagnosed with almost 10 different DSM codes; most significantly of which is Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID); more commonly known as “multiple personalities.” I have been writing these posts in my mind for so long and I have never found a way to get them out of my head…Read more »

Staying Afloat

I’m not sure if they are a big deal anymore, especially with the whole pandemic thing, but when Escape Rooms were all the rage a couple of years ago, it blew my mind. I simply could not, and still cannot, imagine paying money for someone to lock me into a space with others from which,…Read more »

Goodbye, Ms. Dragonfly

Yesterday morning, as I sat in my chair looking out the sliding glass door, a dragonfly flew full speed (I assume…I am not an expert on dragonflies but it seemed pretty damn quick) into the door and dropped to the balcony below. It shocked me for a brief minute as my anxiety spelled out scenarios…Read more »

I Love Mom, Fuck that Bitch.

When I oversleep in order to escape reality, my dreams go into extreme mode. The more I sleep, the more surreal they become and the more blurred the line between what is real and what isn’t. My recent weekend of slumber and binge watching has given me a lot to figure out, as throughout the…Read more »

Setting Expectations

I arrived on the panhandle of Florida and the white sandy beaches of the Emerald Coast one week and one day ago. In this time, I have seen two sunsets and one sunrise – significantly fewer than I thought I would by this time. I thought I’d come down here and, like last year, be…Read more »

Doilies and Death

Sometime in the next handful of days, I’ll be leaving my safe little world of nothingness that I’ve settled into here in the middle of nowhere. Despite my previous “shithole” post and less than flattering description of the community I’ve called “home” the past few weeks, I have to admit this is a nice little…Read more »

Itchy Fingers

Oh, how badly I want to break my promise to myself about not editing and deleting what I’ve (we’ve) posted. Oh how much I want to delete this account and disappear completely; taking its posts and comments with it. Oh how I wish I could just Shut. The. Fuck. Up. But then a dose of…Read more »

Beauty in the Shit Hole

Being on a disabled pension and not having a home of my own leaves me with quite the paradox of limitless freedom and agonizing dependency. I can go anywhere I want, stay as long as I’d like and do anything with my time I desire but I often must depend on others to host me…Read more »

More Blasts from the Past

As I go through the files on my iCloud drive and read the things I wrote in the past, it’s a strange feeling. I feel so distant from the author of these ramblings, so inspired by their insightfulness and impressed by their freedom in flow of thought. I’m jealous of myself – of the me…Read more »

Read the Fucking Profile, Asshat

This title isn’t “mine.” I mean…it’s mine but I have no memory of writing the title, the profile that followed it or the dating platform on which it was written. I stumbled across this little snarky prose today as I was browsing through files on my iCloud drive; looking for something else I’m sure I…Read more »

Challenges? LMFAO

Today’s writing prompt is “write down the biggest challenges you are facing right now.” LMFAO. How cute. I had an emergency session with my shrink today after sending her this email: I’m pretty sure the part of me who was a successful professional has rejoined me somehow but not fully. I still only sense the…Read more »