Read the Fucking Profile, Asshat

This title isn’t “mine.” I mean…it’s mine but I have no memory of writing the title, the profile that followed it or the dating platform on which it was written. I stumbled across this little snarky prose today as I was browsing through files on my iCloud drive; looking for something else I’m sure I…Read more »

Challenges? LMFAO

Today’s writing prompt is “write down the biggest challenges you are facing right now.” LMFAO. How cute. I had an emergency session with my shrink today after sending her this email: I’m pretty sure the part of me who was a successful professional has rejoined me somehow but not fully. I still only sense the…Read more »


A while back, I was having a conversation with a close friend about being American. ‘It’s it funny,” I asked her “how we call ourselves American? Isn’t that a perfect example of our collective narcissism; calling ourselves after the continent as if we are the only humans who count on this entire chunk of land?”…Read more »

Gratitude List

“Make a list of things you’re grateful for.” This is the next writing prompt in my book designed to lead me out of depression and anxiety. I’m still holding onto my judgement on the author of this book. I’m resisting the urge to simply list the fact that IF I ever do write my book,…Read more »

Greatest Qualities

I’ve had such a difficult time writing for the past few months during the pandemic. Actually, that’s not true. I’ve been writing but my words end up sitting in the drafts because I’m pretty sure the federal police would be snatching me up in one of those unmarked vans I keep seeing in the news.…Read more »

To Be Continued…or Not

I crack my windows open and the cool winds and bird songs breeze into the room. “Hello, God,” I think as I can feel my soul mend a tiny bit to the sound of the Stellar Jay who lives in the tree right outside my window. “It’s so nice to know you’re still here. The…Read more »

God’s Boobs

The empty grocery stores and continuing complete lack of effective spiritual awakening in the US thus far are two things that stand out the most for me about the pandemic so far. I’ve been social distancing myself for three years now and my lifestyle hasn’t changed much at all because of the lockdowns and such.…Read more »

Run On Sentences; A collection

Well, I did it! I googled “wordpress experts near me” and send a weird rambling message to some guy name Jonah. I’m pretty sure my words were weird and painted me as a weird old woman who doesn’t have any idea what she’s doing out here on the Internet writing down all of her TMI…Read more »

The Truths Untold

This was a hard one to write and it is long, rambling and has lots of typos. I’m itching to edit it and make it “prettier” but sometimes the truth is ugly. One of my greatest fears all my life has been discovery – the fear that others will see me or who I really…Read more »