God’s Boobs

The empty grocery stores and continuing complete lack of effective spiritual awakening in the US thus far are two things that stand out the most for me about the pandemic so far. I’ve been social distancing myself for three years now and my lifestyle hasn’t changed much at all because of the lockdowns and such.…Read more »

Run On Sentences; A collection

Well, I did it! I googled “wordpress experts near me” and send a weird rambling message to some guy name Jonah. I’m pretty sure my words were weird and painted me as a weird old woman who doesn’t have any idea what she’s doing out here on the Internet writing down all of her TMI…Read more »

The Truths Untold

This was a hard one to write and it is long, rambling and has lots of typos. I’m itching to edit it and make it “prettier” but sometimes the truth is ugly. One of my greatest fears all my life has been discovery – the fear that others will see me or who I really…Read more »

Marsha Marsha Marsha

I’ve traded the white sands for the white mountains and have arrived in the Rocky Mountains for a few weeks. I have had this visit planned for quite a while and had planned while I am here, in addition to seeing my sister and her wife, to visit a friend I met last year. I…Read more »

Hard Landings

What do you get when you cross a dissociative woman with some unidentified vague sexual trauma history with xanax and an appointment with a colorectal surgeon? I don’t know. I don’t know what you get. Why? Because I heard my name called as I sat in the waiting room and the next thing I remember,…Read more »

Je suis un Ninja de les Vie

Okay. Okay….hold up. Selves. What the fuck is this “ninja de les vie” nonsense? Are you high? Did you eat the special brownies at the superbowl party tonight? Cuz you’ll be embarrassed in the morning when you wake up and find out you were out here writing your fairytale bullshit again. Who the fuck are…Read more »

A Persistent Fellow

This goes out to that Persistent Fellow from Egypt – who is apparently bored and pants-less as well. May you remain naked. May your boredom be burned away and your persistence rewarded. And maybe that story I promised be written for you someday. I’m sure it would be lovely one. Best wishes ~ You might…Read more »

Curve Balls and Ice Cream

My sister is flying in for a visit tomorrow and I really should be in bed, getting some rest and preparing for her visit. Instead I’m sitting on the couch feeling my ass go numb again. I spent the last three hours (THREE. HOURS.) drafting an email to a guy that has a furnished house…Read more »

Bendy Sea Stars & a Hardass

I’m feeling my Angry Feminist vibe right now because of my hometown’s excitement over their NFL team’s win today. I struggle with football as a cheer-able sport anyway because I watched my son bruise and sprain his body and get more than one concussion throughout most of his childhood and into college for the specific…Read more »