Curve Balls and Ice Cream

Dear Amy, My sister is flying in for a visit tomorrow and I really should be in bed, getting some rest and preparing for her visit. Instead I’m sitting on the couch feeling my ass go numb again. I spent the last three hours (THREE. HOURS.) drafting an email to a guy that has a…Read more »

Bendy Sea Stars & a Hardass

Dear Amy, I’m feeling my Angry Feminist vibe right now because of my hometown’s excitement over their NFL team’s win today. I struggle with football as a cheer-able sport anyway because I watched my son bruise and sprain his body and get more than one concussion throughout most of his childhood and into college for…Read more »

Fem’s Rant and Ninjas

Dear Amy, Well, as you know from our conversation the other night, I was correct in guessing that things were getting a “shifted” inside me when I wrote to you last. It is still so hard for me to accept when it’s happening even when I’ve already accepted that it does happen! What a conundrum,…Read more »

Who Dafuq Knows?

Dear Amy I walked on the beach for at least three hours today; picking up trash, listening to music on my earphones and writing this letter in my mind. The words won’t flow as easily tonight because I’m not “myself”…I don’t think I have been for at least two or three days. It is still…Read more »

A Grumpy Tune

Dear Amy, It has been a few days since I have written. While I’m certain you haven’t been concerned as the volume at which I was writing before was certainly more than I intended to write and therefore had to be much more than you intended to read! I must admit that part of the…Read more »

A Little Nasty Context

Dear Amy Hello, my friend! I hope this letter finds you well and enjoying your Monday. Can you believe this is the last one in 2019? It truly doesn’t feel possible to me to realize this much time has passed, that I’m this old and that we have actually arrived at this point in time.…Read more »