On the Common Path

A letter to Amy – posted with her permission and at her encouragement. Maybe there are other young women, unhappily married, itchy and in need of scratching, miserable and wondering the same things? Dear Amy, I really enjoyed our conversation last night and I’m so glad that you’re sharing with me more and more of…Read more »

Stay Away From the Suck!

Merry Christmas Eve! I know that some people feel energized and festive this time of year and others feel tired and dragged out by it all, so I won’t assume that you’re the jingle-bells-and-all-things-merry kind of person as I suspect you’re more like me and tend to hide away from all that is Christmas in…Read more »

The Houses They Lived In

Well here I am. Posting yet again so soon after my last. If you’re wondering to yourself, “Is this bitch crazy?” I chuckle softly in response. “Yes,” I reassure you. “Quite.” As I finished my third post in less than 12 hours, stretched, scratched what itched and relieved what needed relieving, I thought of at…Read more »

My Mother Told Me So

So from my last post it is apparent that I’ll have some resistance from within me if I try to talk to you about my mom. And maybe that’s for the best for the purposes of these journal entries. I’ve explored that topic’s darkness thoroughly and I don’t think it’s necessary to describe it’s every…Read more »

Sing Fly Love

I am batshit. Certified, in fact. I’m diagnosed with almost 10 different DSM codes; most significantly of which is Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID); more commonly known as “multiple personalities.” I have been writing these posts in my mind for so long and I have never found a way to get them out of my head…Read more »

Dear Amy

You have given me a precious gift in agreeing to be reader of the letters I’ve been writing in my mind for the past 18 months.  As only you know, this is a very special project for me and holds a significance that I hope will resonate beyond my mortal existence. I no longer question…Read more »