Bendy Sea Stars & a Hardass

Dear Amy, I’m feeling my Angry Feminist vibe right now because of my hometown’s excitement over their NFL team’s win today. I struggle with football as a cheer-able sport anyway because I watched my son bruise and sprain his body and get more than one concussion throughout most of his childhood and into college for…Read more »

Fem's Rant and Ninjas

Dear Amy, Well, as you know from our conversation the other night, I was correct in guessing that things were getting a “shifted” inside me when I wrote to you last. It is still so hard for me to accept when it’s happening even when I’ve already accepted that it does happen! What a conundrum,…Read more »

My Mother Told Me So

Dear Amy So from my last letter it is apparent that I’ll have some resistance from within me if I try to talk to you about my mom. And maybe that’s for the best for the purposes of these letters. I’ve explored that topic’s darkness thoroughly and I don’t think it’s necessary to describe it’s…Read more »