Mad Nauseated Ramblings

This post was written by the angry feminist and I don’t remember it at all. Imagine my surprise in learning she has written and posted it for you! It would appear that at least one of the others has decided to start showing up and so the rest are sure to follow. I won’t attempt…Read more »

On the Common Path

A letter to Amy – posted with her permission and at her encouragement. Maybe there are other young women, unhappily married, itchy and in need of scratching, miserable and wondering the same things? Dear Amy, I really enjoyed our conversation last night and I’m so glad that you’re sharing with me more and more of…Read more »

Stay Away From the Suck!

Merry Christmas Eve! I know that some people feel energized and festive this time of year and others feel tired and dragged out by it all, so I won’t assume that you’re the jingle-bells-and-all-things-merry kind of person as I suspect you’re more like me and tend to hide away from all that is Christmas in…Read more »

The Houses They Lived In

Well here I am. Posting yet again so soon after my last. If you’re wondering to yourself, “Is this bitch crazy?” I chuckle softly in response. “Yes,” I reassure you. “Quite.” As I finished my third post in less than 12 hours, stretched, scratched what itched and relieved what needed relieving, I thought of at…Read more »

My Mother Told Me So

So from my last post it is apparent that I’ll have some resistance from within me if I try to talk to you about my mom. And maybe that’s for the best for the purposes of these journal entries. I’ve explored that topic’s darkness thoroughly and I don’t think it’s necessary to describe it’s every…Read more »

Sing Fly Love

I am batshit. Certified, in fact. I’m diagnosed with almost 10 different DSM codes; most significantly of which is Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID); more commonly known as “multiple personalities.” I have been writing these posts in my mind for so long and I have never found a way to get them out of my head…Read more »